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Play of light in the parking garage

248 Sahara Clearview
240 x 240 x 80 mm

The IKEA multi-storey car park in Hamburg Moorfleet is visible proof of the fact that parking garages need not be a grey and dark business. The round, 760 sqm façade is built entirely of glass blocks, granting the building an appearance of elegance and lightness.  

A convincing criterion for choosing this material was the fact that glass blocks allow for translucence and diffusion of light at the same time. The semi-transparent effect of the blocks turns driving up or down the coil into an experience, while the play of light created by the headlights of the cars inside can be seen from afar. 

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, functional reasons also motivated the decision to use SOLARIS glass blocks: Owing to the use of prefabricated glass block elements, the construction of the façade required only four days’ building.


SOLARIS glass blocks used

248 Sahara Clearview (240 x240 x 80 mm), Satin finished

16 blocks per m²

Special feature:

Prefabricated Ready-made glass block elements