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The comeback of SOLARIS glass blocks

WGS Westerwald Glasstein GmbH is relaunching its innovative range of glass blocks

In July 2011, WGS Westerwald Glasstein GmbH began distributing the premium SOLARIS product line along with its accustomed quality-orientated customer service as an exclusive sales and distributive partner. Having already worked in the early days of the Solaris GmbH and of the building glass division Saint Gobain, the experienced team under Karin Hecker-Franek regards innovation, quality and service as central to the corporation’s philosophy.


Impressive SOLARIS buildings in Germany and abroad show the vast application range of SOLARIS glass blocks as well as their practical and aesthetic benefits. The vast product line of timeless, translucent building materials ranges from coloured glass blocks with different décors over special glass blocks 

for fire safety, paving and curved glass blocks, right up to innovative new products.

In order to continuously improve the glass blocks’ potential and possibilities of design, WGS Westerwald Glasstein GmbH collaborate closely with architects and end users – customer orientation is of great importance. The complete product 

range is manufactured according to highest production standards and the customer’s individual desire. Sustainable and energy-saving technologies are permanently being improved, in order to ensure continuous development. This guarantees finding individual, innovative and ambitious solutions and fulfilling our customers’ wishes.