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An architectural masterpiece made of glass blocks

1910 Clearview
190 x 190 x 100 mm
198 BSH 20 Clearview
190 x 190 x 80 mm

From its façade over ceilings and flooring, right up to its staircases, the office building “Solaris Eclipse” in Amsterdam is constructed almost entirely of glass blocks, setting standards in glass block construction. The building illustrates the manifold possibilities of applying SOLARIS glass blocks, as well as their aesthetical and functional potential: At night, light radiates from inside, while during the day, the inside is flooded with daylight. As a further special effect, surfaces that appear dark during the day are brightly lit up at night. As a result of the translucent outside walls, the building, when lit up, appears to hover above the ground. On the inside, the glass blocks create a very special atmosphere: these glass block walls allow for insight and an extraordinary amount of daylight to enter the building, as staircases, ceilings, flooring and bridges are also for the greater part built of the lucid blocks. 


A special feature: “Solaris Eclipse” rests on 21 glass block columns with integrated lighting, which bear the weight of the 4.705 qm building: an innovative construction, which significantly extends the application repertoire of the glass blocks.  



SOLARIS glass blocks used:

Façade: 1910 Clearview 

Staircases: 198 BSH 20 Clearview 

25 blocks per m² – around 24.000 glass blocks in total