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Munich’s longest glass block façade

198 Sahara Clearview
190 x 190 x 80 mm
Corner element 198 Sahara Clearview

Measuring 38m and 700sqm, the façade of the Prinzregenten Stadium in Munich is the longest glass block façade in the Bavarian capital. It is also constructed of corner elements in 198 Sahara Clearview. 


The translucent stones serve as wall panelling for the sauna area and create a visual shield against passers-by looking into the spa from outside, while at the same time they allow for plenty of bright daylight inside. Thus, during the day, the natural light incidence from outside adds to the relaxation and wellbeing of bathers and visitors of the spa as well as helping to reduce energy costs, while at night the building’s lighting can be seen glowing impressively from afar.   



SOLARIS glass blocks used:

198 Sahara Clearview (190 x 190 x 80 mm)