Architects / Planners

Leipzig airport

198 Samba
190 x 190 x 80 mm
BG 1990 F
Sahara Clearview
190 x 190 x 160 mm

The airport terminal, which is modelled on the wing of an aeroplane, serves as a joint roof for the airport train station, the parking garage and the central check-in area (CCI). Glass blocks were used effectively in different areas and serving various functions. Used as flooring, the blocks highlight and illuminate the arrival and departure area. In addition, a wall of translucent glass blocks, back-lit with neon lights, enhances the drop-off zone, serving as sidelong illumination for the arrival and departure area beneath the building. The glass building material harmonises perfectly with the transparent architectural concept of the airport in Leipzig.   



SOLARIS glass blocks used:
Glass block wall:
198 Samba (190 x 190 x 80 mm)


Glass block ceiling and flooring:

BG 1990 F Sahara Clearview (190 x 190 x 160 mm)

(with fire protection)