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Out of the blue

BG 20
200 x 200 x 22 mm

The blue beam in the Wahlenpark in Zurich is not only an attraction at first sight. It is also an attractive spot for pedestrians to rest and mingle. During sporting events, it serves as a grandstand for the audience. Originally, the baulk was intended as a bench made of blue concrete with lighting strips attached at the sides. As it turned out, however, the colour intensity of this construction would have been a disappointment and the costs for the maintenance of the lighting strips too high, and so the designers chose SOLARIS glass blocks. 

Another significant advantage of this translucent material is its functionality: Glass blocks are sturdy and impervious to signs of usage and vandalism. SOLARIS BG 20 Sahara glass blocks cover the whole 160m length and 3m width of the bench and are lit up by 200 fluorescent tubes at night. The matt effect of the blocks, which glow in lapis lazuli blue at night, is a sandblasted custom-make. During the day, the corridor that runs beneath the surface of the bench is lit up by the sunlight shining through the glass ceiling.

SOLARIS glass blocks used:

BG 20 (200 x 200 x 22 mm)


8 blocks per m² – 7000 glass blocks in total


Special features:

Custom-made glass blocks with sandblasted surface for an individual matt effect; special glazing as protection against graff